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World of Warcraft, WoW

By far, one of the world’s most popular games is World of Warcraft. This online phenomenon has more than 8 million subscribers and is considered by many to be the ultimate Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game in existence. Within weeks of its release, the game had made an impact that resounded throughout the internet community.

Once you start playing World of Warcraft, it is easy to see why it became so popular. The graphics are second to none, the quests are complex and challenging, the options for customization are many and the level of fun is unmatched. Whether you want to play on your own, or join a group, this is one game that many have found to be not only enjoyable, but also well worth the time and money spent playing.

When you first set up your new World of Warcraft account, you’ll be asked to customize your character. There are two main factions in the game, the Alliance and Horde. Many players prefer to pick the Alliance faction on their first trip through the game, due to the fact that there are many resources geared towards this faction, but Horde is quickly catching up. The faction that you select will determine what kind of character you can play.

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In the Alliance, you will be able to pick from Night Elves, Humans, Gnomes, Dwarves or Draenei. On the Horde side, the available races are Blood Elves, Tauren, Orcs, Trolls and the Undead. After you have selected the race of your new WoW character, the next step to take is to determine which class you would like to join. Once again, your choice of race will determine the classes that are available to you.

WoW professions are a very important part of the game, and can assist players not only in getting more gold, but also in developing the skills they need for future challenges in the game. Currently, players are allowed to have primary and secondary professions, and there are many available that compliment each other nicely.

All told, there are thousands of items to find, millions of steps to be taken and many different ways to have fun when playing World of Warcraft. The addition of WoW PvP mode, where players are allowed to play against other players has added a new element to the game. This mode offers the ability to test your wits and your skills against players that are both more advanced or less knowledgeable than you, and offers a great way to learn new fighting skills.

The popularity of World of Warcraft ensures that the game will be around for many years to come. In fact, many players decide to re-roll as a new character after completing their end game, and chances are, you will never get bored with World of Warcraft. With this kind of complexity and the opportunities for fun, it is certain that this is a game that everyone should try at least once.

World of Warcraft Gameplay

  • Explore the different realms of the game
  • Complete World of Warcraft quests
  • Overcome WoW mobs
  • Specialize in World of Warcraft professions